What You Should Know About Loft Ladders

A great number of houses have lofts where things that are not regularly used are stored. Having a loft simply means that you need some form of access to it. The standard staircase will take up too much space in the room. The step ladder is smaller, but it still needs to be stored somewhere, and it's unlikely that it will decorate the interior of a residential building. A convenient way to access the attic was a special loft ladder.

What are the loft ladders?

A loft ladder is a retractable stairway that pulls down from the ceiling to provide access to attic space. A loft ladder makes every trip up and down from the loft easier, faster, and safer. Loft ladders typically consist of a ladder with wider steps and a steep slope. They are useful in areas with space constraints.

Popular types of loft ladders

For comfortable use of the loft, it is necessary to pay special attention to the choice of the ladder. To do this, you first need to know what kinds of ladders there are.

There are three main types of loft ladder available:

  • Sliding
  • Folding
  • Telescopic

Loft ladders are usually made of wood, metal, aluminium, or fibreglass. They can be combined in different ways. Let us consider in more detail some types of ladders.

Sliding loft ladders

Sliding ladders are the most basic loft access ladder available. The can be operated with a relative, simply pivoting down from the aperture with a provided operating pole. Sliding loft ladders are often ideal, but their main drawback is that, because they don’t fold away, you need substantial storage space in the loft and below the hatch.

Folding loft stairs

The second type of ladder is the folding style of a loft ladder. In comparison to sliding ladders, this type is much more substantial. It is fairly straightforward to use. The unit simply folds up, usually in two or three sections which end up stacked on top of each other on the loft hatch once fully closed. By far the most popular and practical option is the folding wooden loft ladders. One of the reasons is that the aluminium folding ladders can 'bend' or 'flex' as you stand on them which is entirely meant but can be disconcerting for some people.

Folding wooden loft ladders

Wood is the most popular material for making stairs. The most affordable option is pine, sometimes in the production of maple or oak wood. The structures are quite strong and solid, but under certain conditions, the ladder can be rotted. To avoid this, it is necessary to process the ladder with special compounds periodically or apply a protective coating on it.

Advantages of wooden loft ladders:

  1. The classic choice;
  2. Traditional look and cosy feel;
  3. Often sturdier than other variants;
  4. Quiet and smooth to use;
  5. Physically warmer when climbing.

Folding Aluminium loft ladders

The second most popular material is metal. It is used primarily to create stairs leading to the loft from the street. Inside the house this design will be appropriate if it is combined with a certain style of the interior. The unquestionable advantage of the metal is its strength, but in conditions of high humidity on the stairs, rust and corrosion can appear.

Advantages of aluminium loft ladders:

  1. Lightweight and convenient;
  2. Safe and easy to use;
  3. Easy to install;
  4. Ideal for those on a budget.

Telescopic Loft Ladders

Telescopic Loft Ladders have the space saving qualities accompanied by a minimalist design aesthetic. These ladders are the perfect balance of form and function. They look fantastic and can fit in ridiculously tight spaces. The main benefit though is the price as the simpler design makes for a better value ladder.

Loft ladders with handrail

One of the important points in choosing a ladder is the presence of handrails. They will make your ladder safer and more convenient for you. You have less chance of stumbles and subsequent injury. Of course, this is not an obligatory condition, because it increases the cost of the staircase. It all depends on how often you will use the loft ladder and for what purpose.

How to Choose a Loft Ladder?

It is often difficult to determine which ladder is best to install in the house. Therefore it is important to learn in advance about the features, types and characteristics of loft structures. Modern stores can help in this, offering a rich assortment of various finished products. The ladder that you buy is going to depend on your personal preference, the space available, budget and how often you are going to use them.

7 things to look out for before buying a loft ladder

There are a number of things that you really should look out for when buying:

  1. The size of the hatch (the loft ladder you buy should fit the size of the hatch in your house);
  2. The opening mechanism (sliding, telescopic or folding);
  3. The type of material and the relative strength of it;
  4. The pivoting height (the space the ladder will need when it’s folding or unfolding);
  5. How often you’ll be using it (the more often a ladder is used, the stronger it should be.)
  6. Ease of installation (the better the design, the easier and quicker it will be to install; also easier installation means time-saving)
  7. Safety (Slip-resistant treads, recessed locking system, pre-fitted handrail).

Cheap Loft Ladders

As usually happens, the more expensive, the higher the quality. But sometimes you need to look for a budget option. If you are not going to visit your loft every day, and constantly carry heavy things there, then you can choose cheaper models. Usually, the cheapest stairs are aluminium staircases, and most often of poor quality aluminium. However, if you visit your loft as often as possible, you should definitely look for a sturdier ladder.

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